Well-Being and Comfort for All Patients

Patients treated in any of our branches will have complete access to the facilities at each location. The 500 m2 space was designed to offer safety and privacy from the first appointment to the end of the treatment, while being monitored by a specialized team.


6 km from the Porto Alegre airportConvenient for patients flying in and out.

Optimization of treatment for long distance patients

Better scheduling to reduce time spent at the clinic.


Practical option for meals (coffee, snacks, lunch).

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi - Useful for both patients and companions.


Safe, with easy access to clinic.

Home care

Guidelines, supervision and administration of medications during treatment process.

Agreement with hotels in the area

Peace of mind for patients from out of town.


Generator and 24 hour monitoring

Protection for patients, gametes and embryos.

Procedure room

No need to go to a hospital.

Recovery room

Space for rest and relaxation.

Waiting rooms

Privacy for treatment.

Semen collection room

Discretion and appropriate environment.

Laboratories with air and temperature control

Ideal conditions for the best results.

Elevator designed to accommodate gurneys

Safety for patients and medical staff.