Semen Analysis

This test is performed to evaluate semen. The various parameters studied include: the concentration (number of sperm in each milliliter of ejaculation), morphology (proportion of sperm with normal or abnormal shape) and mobility (the way the sperm moves). This test can be done in clinical/pathological analysis labs or at a fertility treatment center (clinic or hospital).

Sperm DNA fragmentation test

Test analyzes the percentage of sperm that contain DNA abnormalities. The larger the percentage, the more the genetic material is compromised, which means a lower quality of semen.

Hormonal dosages

Blood samples can be used to assess the production of a number of hormones. Most commonly tested: Testosterone, FSH and LH.

Testicular ultrasonography (Scrotal Pouch)

Diagnostic imaging test requested to evaluate the male reproductive system, mainly abnormalities in the testicles or the blood vessels that nourish them (varicocele tests, for example).

Aspiration (or biopsy) of testicle

When there is no sperm in the ejaculated semen (azoospermia), aspiration or biopsy the testes may be necessary to verify whether they are producing sperm.